Abiquiu Studio Tour 2019

Folks! I will be showing my landscape photography at the Abiquiu Studio Tour, the weekend of October 12-13th, so come stop by and see what I am selling! If your looking for blank cards, small prints, or large displays for the home/workplace, I will have it all! There will be only a handful of prints to be taken home, and after they sell, all orders will need to be made through me, and I'll get products shipped to you. My mom, Connie Burkhart, will also be selling at the same spot, and she will have a lot of her metal art (featuring largely southwestern imagery) for sale!

I am very excited for this opportunity to showcase some of my best work in the land that I love so much! I've spent so many years roaming that desert landscape. I get a lot of joy through sharing my photos to the world and people who either love being in New Mexico, or those who are less fortunate to be able to travel there. Come, relax, and enjoy the serene and inspiring landscape of Abiquiu!

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